Below are the current club offerings for full-time students at SCVS. Please note that we must receive a Parental Authorization Form before your student can attend each club.

Art CLUB (Grades K-12)

Sponsor: Dr. Ashley Buxton; [email protected]; 407-349-3302

Description: SCVS is excited to have Art Club for our students this year! During Art Club, students will have the opportunity to work with various art materials and have fun working together.

Art Club will be split into K-2nd (2nd semester only), 3rd-5th (1st semester only), 6th-8th, and 9th-12th. View the Parental Authorization Forms to learn more.

K-2 Art Club Parental Authorization Form

3rd-5th Art Club Parental Authorization Form

6th-8th Art Club Parental Authorization Form

9th-12th Art Club Parental Authorization Form

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GSA CLUB (Grades 6-12)

Sponsors: JoAnna Marino - [email protected] - 407-906-9818; Coach Tarbert - [email protected] - 407-476-8463

Description: GSA welcomes students in grades 6-12 to come together in an age-appropriate setting to create a supportive environment for all. Within GSA, everyone is valued, and everyone belongs. Whether you identify as LGBTQ+, support someone who does, or simply want to be an ally, GSA seeks to foster a culture of acceptance and understanding for all students.

6-12 GSA Club Parental Authorization Form 

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STEM Club (Grades K-8)

Sponsor: Ms. Nicole Spain; [email protected]; 407-536-7584

Description: STEM Club is back and growing this year! This year we will have a STEM Club for K-3rd and 4th-8th in person. In addition, the middle school students can be STEM Ambassadors as well as being part of the club.

The K-3rd STEM Club will be learning lots of fun lessons this year. This year we have robots that they will learn how to code. In addition, we will also learn about magnets, energy transformations, rockets, electricity, and they will get to build roller coasters. These lessons will  all be hands-on and lots of fun!

The 4th-8th students will do more in depth STEM Club lessons this year.  We will spend a couple of STEM Club meetings learning to code robots then the students will finish the unit by programming their robots to finish a maze in the quickest time. They will learn to build roller coasters and finish with a competition to see who can build a roller coaster with the most loops.  We will also learn about the space industry here in Florida and they will build different types of rockets. As I get to know the kids and their interests I will add more STEM lessons.

The STEM Ambassadors is going to be a new club this year for 6th-8th grade. These students will have several opportunities to grow in STEM. They will meet before the K-3rd Club so they help the K-3rd students with STEM Club activities. They will also help me put on a SCVS STEM night for parents and students this year. If field trip opportunities become available this year they will be the first ones given a chance to go.

View the Parental Authorization Form to learn more.

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